Seicane H2471 Touchscreen Car Stereo with GPS for 2008-2012 Audi A3: The Removal and Installation Guide

Some drivers like the old-fashioned stereo systems in their vehicles, and some like the large touchscreen head unit. No matter which kind of your factory stereo is, As long as you like it and use it comfortably, it is the best for you. But as far as I’m concerned, a large touchscreen stereo makes everything work better since it offers plenty of functions, making our drive more fun and safer.


Two months ago, I purchased an aftermarket Android car stereo from Seicane to upgrade my Audi A3 (2008-2012) factory stereo. I am sharing the removal and installation guide here, may it be useful for you if you have the same car model and are planing to replace the factory stereo too.

The removal and installation steps for 2008-2012 Audi A3 stereo

To finish the removal and installation, we need to prepare tools in advance. The needed tools include stereo removal keys and screwdrivers. On the other hand, don’t forget to power off the car firstly to keep safety.

The factory stereo system.原车中控

Step 1, Use 4 stereo removal keys and insert them into the slots of the car stereo system.s1

Step 2, Pull the 4 key buckles with appropriate force in order to pull out the stereo unit.s2

Step 3, Take down the stereo unit, remove the key tool, and unplug the connections at the back of the stereo unit.s3

Step 4, Have a check for the wiring parts of the new car stereo head unit.s4

Step 5, Connect the new wiring parts to the car plugs.s5

Step 6, Connect the new touchscreen stereo head unit to the dashboard. You should take a look at the user manual when you have trouble to distinguish the connection ports.s6

Step 7, After installing the new stereo, start the car to test whether the new stereo system functions normally.安装效果

Talk about the Seicane H2471 Android Car Stereo

The product comes two options of configuration, one is Android 10.0 system, with 8-core CPU, 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM. Another is Android 10.0 system, with 4-core CPU, 2GB RAM & 32GB ROM. Both of them are easy to use, plug and play, and keep stable performance.

After upgrading your original car stereo to an Android stereo system with GPS, it works better for you. Everything can be done easily by just clicking the 9” screen, as well provides you with better visual experience. You can also download various apps in the Android market to get more fun.

It integrated multiple functions such as playing FM/AM RDS radios, music and HD videos, phone connections like Carplay and Bluetooth, GPS navigating, networking etc. What’s more, it can support external car cameras which can help increase driving safety. At long drives, it will be the perfect road

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