The usual issues of your multi functional head unit and the top rated solutions

Suppose your stereo has broken and you have to find a expert to fix it. But you are reluctant to go out too far away due to the pandemic impact. In this case, as a newbie, you have to for online tutorials to absorb the useful information that meet their need. There are countless online services coming out each day and it will take you much time to identify the proper details that you want. In terms of this problem, here is an article which figures out 5 common issues of your audio system and the relevant solutions, acting as an referenced sample for some people.


Before we started to point out the ways of dealing with the problem, we should find out the most usual cause of the problems occurred in our audio gear.The real reasons causing the worse problems of audios can varies different and it can’t be concluded in a simple word. And the real reason has to depend on the real scenario that you have at the time, such as the incorrect connected cables or the bad quality of the bass, wrongly speaker replacement etc. Here we can take a look at some common radio system issues and the ways to deal with them.

5 Usual problems of the Audio gear&solutions

1. Deformed radios with pops and crackles or no sound.

If you found there is no sound from your in-car audio gear, you should check your source audio first and see whether you have selected the right one. Then check the using cable and pay attention to the cabling between your amplifier (or an all-in-one system like an AV receiver) and speakers. In some cases, there is a wire that radio use to latch into a small port behind the speaker. And you can try cleaning the wire to remove any carbon deposits.Next, you can try removing and re-attaching the cables, and then jostling them slightly to see if that makes a difference. If you find above steps can’t work out, you should try out new speaker-amplifier interconnect cables.


2. Bad performance of the stereo or wrong surround sound directions.

The most effective way to deal with this problem is to check the speakers and the user manual to see which speaker goes where. You can carefully trace the wires back to see whether the port leads to the correct speaker. Another helpful way towards poor sound quality is to see whether one of the component supports the right surround sound format (Dolby Audio, DTS,  or Dolby Atmos).


3. Buzzing sound in the speakers

In terms of the humming sound, here are the basic steps that you can do. And the first step is to put your radio and source on the same power point with a surge protector. Then, isolate the components one by one to find out the location of the problem and try out new cables with better shielding. Next, check whether any grounding wires in your audio are correctly connected to the amplifier. Last, if you find amplifier has been broken and you may need extra professional support.


4. Rowdy radio volume

If you facing with the situation that your radio sound become too loud, what you should do is to  raise the volume of the quietest scenes and see if it can help first. Otherwise,you should see whether the problem is related to the cables, connections, or placement of the speakers, where you can solve it easily. But if you find that the problem is related to the speaker’s driver or internal components, which means you should consult the advice of the experts.



5.No treble or bass in music

In terms of the lack of treble or bass in music, there are some ways to deal with it and the first one way is to check the placement of your radio systems by user manual.

The other one is to  Check any equalizer controls and the cables. If you find that your tweeters and woofers has been broken, you have to get them repaired.


Apparently, it is not easy to fix your radios than finding out the problems. Even though you are the first-times, you can try these ways above to clean out your doubt in your mind. And if you think it is too difficult for you, it’s best to purchase a new car stereo from Seicane, which owns powerful functions including steering wheel control, the backup camera, and it is easy to install, offering you 3-year warranty and good service. If you want to know more details, please visit it now.







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