How to Install A HD Touch Screen Head Unit in 2009-2017 Audi Q5?


Technology changes everything in our life, car audios are no exception. Nowadays, many cars come with an audio system toped off to include all the bells and whistles. This means you get a touch screen, navigation, streaming services, and other apps.

On the other hand, car radios or infotainment systems vary in different car models, but no matter what car you have, you can replace your current radio system with a sparkling new one. Here we are showing you how to install a touch screen head unit in 2009-2017 Audi Q5. Let’s find out.

  • Head Unit Recommendation: 12.3″ Android Car Radio with GPS (Seicane S04Q51N)
  • Basic Tools: Plastic pry tools, screwdrivers.
  • Safety Tip: Cut off the car power before doing anything.

Removing the factory stereo system

Step 1, Pry to open the trim panel of the screen, remove the panel, and unplug the connectors.


Step 2, Remove 4 screws that fixed the screen, take out the screen, and unplug its connectors.


Step 3, Pry to open the A/C outlet, take down the outlet, and disconnect the plugs.


Step 4, Pry to remove the A/C button panel, take it down and unplug the connectors.


Step 5, Remove 4 screws that fixed the old main unit, put it out and disconnect its plugs.


Fitting the new head unit

Step 6, Before installing the Seicane touchscreen Anroid radio unit, take a check at the wiring harness and other accessories in the package, ensuring every part is in good condition.


Step 7, Correspondingly connect the new wiring harness to the car plugs.


Step 8, Connect the original main unit and install it back to the dashboard.


Step 9, Install the screen bracket, then connect the new screen to the car, and tighten the screws to fix it.


Step 10, Power on the car to test the new radio system. If it functions normally, install all car parts back; if there is problem, check the wiring conditions.


As you can see, in this installation guide, we didn’t need to replace the main unit in the dashboard, we only replaced the old small screen to a large one, so it’s super easy to do.

This new touch screen unit is 12.3-inch in display size, which clearly we will have a perfect viewing experience when watch videos, use navigation etc. compared to the old one.

Since we didn’t change the original main unit of the radio system, the new screen can still support original car functions such as door information, speed display, seat belt reminder, temperature and so on. It also supports steering wheel control, easy to switch songs, radios channels, volume.

As an advanced touch screen radio system, the product is able to support Apple Carplay and Android Auto, so you can sync your phones to the radio, then to use various applications freely on the large display. This is easy to do, just connect your phone to the radio with the Carplay USB dongle. If you want a wireless connection, use a Wireless Carplay Adapter, in this way, you can receive independent operation without interfering with the phone and radio.


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A Super Easy Way to Upgrade 2001-2008 BMW 7 Series E65 E66 Factory Radio

It’s true that a large touchscreen radio system adds value to our cars as well as improves our in-car life. The navigation function takes us to everywhere in a fast and safe way. When we are bored in a long drive, we can use the radio system to enjoy songs, videos. For those who can’t park car easily, with the help of clear rear images shown by the radio display, they will park the car easier than before. However, not every car comes with such amazing radio system, if your factory radio can’t do these, it’s high time for you to upgrade it.


Upgrading the whole radio system sometimes will be a very difficult job, but if your car is a BMW, there is a super easy way to upgrade its radio, that is to install an Android radio screen. In the following content, we will let you how to install an aftermarket Android radio screen in (2001-2008) BMW 7 Series E65 E66, may it be helpful to you.

                                                       Important Information
Radio Screen: 8.8 Android Touchscreen from Seicane

Tools: Plastic pry tools, screwdrivers.

Note: Make sure the car power is off before working.


The original car radio system.


Step 1, Pry to open the front cover plate of the radio screen, then remove the cover plate.


Step 2, Remove 3 screws that fixed on the top of the radio screen, then pry to remove the radio screen, unplug its connector.


Step 3, Remove screws that fixed the A/C outlet panel; Pry to open the outlet panel from the side of co-pilot.


Step 4, Take down the whole A/C outlet panel and unplug the connector.


Step 5, Remove screws that fixed the original CD unit, take it down and disconnect its plugs.


Step 6, Pry to remove the metal sheet on the back of the original radio screen, then disassemble the screen and frame, and unplug the cable.


Step 7, Use new cables to assemble the frame to the new radio screen.


Step 8, Connect new wiring harness to the car plugs, then connect new radio screen and original CD unit.


Step 9, Start the car to test whether the new radio system can work normally, if there is no problem, install all the car accessories back; if there is something wrong, check whether the cables are correctly connected.


You can find that it’s not a hard work to replace the 2001-2008 BMW 7 Series E65 E66 radio screen, after install the Android screen, you enjoy a better in-car life.

The product equips with Android 10 system and Quad-Core CPU/Snapdragon 8-core CPU, providing a smooth operation and stable performance. You can still use the original car functions and enjoy a better using experience than before.

One of powerful functions of this head unit is it can upgrade your radio system with supporting Carplay. The Carplay function is the best way to use phone while drive safe on the road.

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Guide of How to Install Aftermarket Stereo System for 2013-2016 BMW 3 Series

Cars are come with different stereo systems, the newer your car, the more possibilities it applied the latest stereo technology. Since we drive the car more often, having a quality stereo system is necessary, there will be more fun on the road, as well as helps increase driving safety.


If your car only equipped with basic car stereo, the best way to upgrade it is to install an aftermarket stereo system. Some of basic car stereos is easy to replace, such as the (2013-2016) BMW 3 Series radio. If you own such a car, then you will get tips in this post.

Preparations you need to do:

  • Choose a suitable aftermarket car stereo system for your car, some popular brands include Kenwood, Sony, JVC, Seicane, Pioneer, Alpine etc. And here we used the Seicane stereo in our car.
  • Plastic pry tools and screwdrivers are basic tools needed for the removal and installation work.
  • As we will involve in the power plugs during the process, cut off the car power at the beginning to ensure safety.

Original car radio system


Step 1, Remove the air conditioning vent: Use the plastic pry tool to pry the A/C vent, then take it down and unplug the connector.



Step 2, Remove these two screws that fixed the original radio screen, take down the screen and unplug the connector.


Step 3, Remove screws that fixed the CD button panel, take down the panel and unplug the connector.



Step 4, Remove screws that fixed the original CD unit, take down the unit and unplug the connectors.


Step 5, Check the wiring harness and other accessories of the Seicane car stereo system.

Step 6, Connect the new stereo screen and original CD unit to the car with the new wiring harness. You’d better take a look at the user manual of the new stereo if you are not sure the cable interfaces.


Step 7, Power on your car to test whether the new radio functions normally. If there is no problem, install all the accessories including CD button panel and A/C vent back. If it doesn’t work, please check whether cables are connected correctly.


It took us half of the day to finish the replacement, but it’s not complicated. In fact, the Seicane car stereo system for BMW 3 Series is easy to install and use.

The product comes with various excellent designs. On one hand, it’s made of a 10.25″ touchscreen so that we see information clearer and more convenient. Everything can be done just with some simple  clicks. On the other hand, it only exchanges your original car TFT monitor, thus all the original car functions are kept as before, you won’t have any trouble to adapt to the operation.

Apart from enjoying basic entertainment, you can stream Bluetooth music, make Bluetooth call, browse websites, connect Carplay etc. For those who can’t park car easily, adding a rear view camera will solve. With the camera installed, every time when you park and reverse, the stereo display automatically switch to rear image, then you can see the rear situation and park quickly.


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How to Upgrade Subaru WRX (2014-2016) Radio with A Touchscreen Bluetooth Car Stereo System?

car-tripIf you are planning to install an upgraded car stereo system for your Subaru WRX by yourself, you come to the right place. We are here to provide you with detailed removal and installation guide, as well as recommend an amazing aftermarket touchscreen car radio system for you.

To do this work, new car radio and radio user manual are required. The basic tools will include plastic pry tools, screwdrivers. Since we will work on power plugs, powering off the car before doing anything is necessary.

Part 1, How to remove Subaru WRX’s original radio?

You can follow 5 steps to do.

Step 1, Removing the panel device: Use the pry tool to pry up the panel device, take it down with suitable forces.


Step 2, There are connectors on the panel, you need to unplug them.


Step 3, Remove these tabs, A/C vents, A/C controls of the panel, we need to use them on the new aftermarket car stereo.


Step 4, Now we are going to remove the radio unit. Get to remove these six screws.


Step 5, Take down this small metal sheet, then pull out the radio unit and unplug its connectors. The removal job done.


How to Install the touchscreen car stereo?

Step 6, Get the new stereo system (Seicane), make sure everything(the stereo unit, wiring harness and other accessories) you need is in good condition.


Step 7, Install the tabs, A/C vents, A/C controls in the new stereo system.


Step 8, Use the new wiring harness to connect the new radio to the car. Be patient and careful, and check the radio user manual if necessary.


Step 9, After connecting all the cables, you can turn on the car to test whether the new radio system functions normally; If no problem, fix everything back. If not working, check again the cables whether connected correctly.


Seicanes 9 inches Android car stereo navigation system for Subaru WRX

With high configuration of intelligent pure Android 10.0 operating system, 8-core CPU, 4G RAM and 64G ROM, Seicane car radio system is able to avoid interference and keep stable performance, providing you with fast and comfortable operation. For the functions it offer, you have lots of choice. The basic functions include displaying 3D navigation, enjoying music and videos, receiving FM/AM radio channels,  Bluetooth calls/music, supporting 4G/WIFI network and CarPlay/Android Auto, etc. The built-in 15EQ DSP sound system gives you the ability to enjoy perfect sound effect.

There are optional functions you can add to the stereo navigation system, such as car DVR, backup camera, OBDII, TPMS and so on, which can assist you to drive safer on the road.

Having such a multifunctional touchscreen car stereo system in your Subaru WRX, your driving experience will be greatly improved.


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How to Install Seicane Car Radio System in Toyota Camry with 13-Step?

Big touchscreen car radio systems are seen in more and more vehicles. They are easy to operate and come with plenty of functions that greatly improve driving experience.

For older cars, they may not be equipped with an excellent factory radio due to technical limitations and cost restraint for manufacturers. The good news is these car owners can opt for the aftermarket radio system to upgrade their old one. And you can find that there are numbers of tutorials online about installing a new radio in the car. This post is one of tutorials that assist you to install a Seicane car radio navigation system in the Toyota Camry. Let’s check at them.

13 steps to remove and install car radio system in Toyota Camry

Before getting into the car, you’d better prepare screwdrivers and pry tool. And to keep safety, disconnect the car power.

Step 1, Remove the two side panels with your hands.


Step 2, Remove these two screws at first.


Step 3, Power your vehicle to set up the emergency brake, then we need to remove this plastic handle. Just use your hands to remove it. Don’t forget to cut off the car power again after this step.


Step 4, Pull out the container panel with your hands. Be carefully.


Step 5, Next you need to remove the whole container structure.


Step 6, Now we can remove this part as we have loosen the screws at Step 2, and you need to unplug the connectors.


Step 7, At this time, we go to remove the vent. Use a plastic tool to pry the vent and plug the connector.


Step 8, Following we are planning to remove the whole radio system. You can find that there are four screws we need to remove, two at upper inside, two at bottom inside.


Step 9, After removing the four screws, we can take down the whole radio system, also unplug its connectors.


Step 10, And we need to remove these three control buttons of the old radio, in order to install them on the new Seicane car radio.


Step 11, The removal of the original radio is finished, we are ready to install the Seicane car radio system with GPS. Firstly, have a check for the cables and accessories of the new radio.


Step 12, This step will require your patient and carefulness to connect the cables between new radio and car plugs, so have your user manual handy will be helpful.


Step 13, After connecting the cables, you are advised to turn on the car and test the new radio. If it works well, then you can put everything back; If not, check whether you connect the cables correctly.


Compared to lots of vehicles, the basic radio of Toyota Camry is not so difficult to remove. With the new radio, you also have different driving experience.

Seicane car radio navigation system change your driving style

Have more fun in the car

Music is an integral part of long road trips, a decent car radio with quality sound effects will add more joy. The Seicane car radio not only provides users with countless music offline/online, but support videos playing. Besides, users can connect their smartphone to this radio to use Carplay. They can also surf the Internet since the radio support 4G and WIFI network.

Keep easier drive on the road

Seicane car radio comes with built-in GPS module, supports various map apps to display the latest navigation information. By checking the precise, real time and comprehensive navigation information in the 10.1 inches large screen, drivers can go everywhere quickly and will not lose.

Increase driving safety

All we know that picking up the phone while driving is very dangerous. Since integrated with Bluetooth module, Seicane android car radio supports phonebook sync, hands-free call etc. from your phone, thus you just need to click the call on the radio display, then you can answer it without letting go of the steering wheel control. On the other hand, it’s easy to connect a rear view camera to the radio, this car camera allows you to check rear situation with HD images when reversing, therefore, park the car easier.


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DIY Guide for 2008-2012 Renault Duster Nissan NP200 Radio System Replacement

Cars vary in brand, model, and year, so upgrade of a new radio navigation system can be different. Some is easy, while some is tricky. To make sure smooth work, most car owners choose to upgrade the radio in car shops because they are not professional in auto repair and electronics. Yet for those who love DIY and know the car, like to do the replacement job themselves.

My uncle is a car repair worker, he loves everything about car repair, maintenance, upgrade etc. Last month, with my uncle’s help, I successfully upgraded my 2009 Renault Duster radio for a new one from Seicane. For the same car owner, you may get some help in this post. And this Seicane radio system fits 2008-2012 Renault Duster Nissan NP200.

Part 1 Steps to remove old radio and install new Seicane car radio navigation system

Whatever you do, preparation in advance is must. Choose a good day and prepare tools like screwdriver, pry tools etc. Must turn off the car before the job. Then you can move further.

The original radio system


Step 1, Use screwdrivers or pry tools to open this external panel, then gently pull it out with hands, and unplug its connectors.

s1-1 s1-2 s1-3

Step 2, Remove the buttons and other accessories of the panel.


Step 3, Remove the frame accessories of the original car radio.

s3-1 s3-2

Step 4, Take out the original radio unit, and unplug its connectors.

s4-1 s4-2

Step 5, Pull out the radio fixing frame.


Now the removal of the old radio is finished. Next you can install the new radio.

Step 6, Check the accessories of the new Seicane car radio system to make sure smooth work.


Step 7, Correspondingly connect the cables of the new car radio navigation system to the car.


Step 8, After connecting the cables, you can turn on the car to test whether the new radio system is working normally.


Step 9, If there is no problem, install the buttons and other accessories of the old panel to the new car radio. If not, check again the cable wiring.


Step 10, Fix the new car radio system in the central control to complete the installation process.


After finishing the installation


Part 2 Benefits of upgrade the factory radio for a new one

When it comes to car radio upgrade, people have different reasons. Some for more entertainment, some for better sound effect, some for big screen to see navigation, etc. For me, actually, above are what I want.

The Seicane android car radio navigation system clearly show information, especially navigation information, on its 10.1 inch HD big screen, and I just search what I want with smooth touch click.

For the entertainment styles it provide, there are lots of choices. You can listen to music, watch videos, listen to various FM/AM radios. Since it supports WIFI and 4G network, you can connect the radio system to the Internet, then you can enjoy newest music, more videos and visit the website freely. What’s more, it also support Carplay, this give you the ability to play phone applications on the radio display once you connect your phone to it.

I am not the kind who can park the car easily even just look at the rearview mirrors. In fact, I always have troubles in parking and reversing. Thus, the time I installed the new radio system, I purchased the rear view camera and installed it. Now I can park my car easier with seeing the rear image on the radio screen.



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A Superior Aftermarket Car Stereo Navigation System to Upgrade 2014 Peugeot 2008 Factory Radio

Having a car makes our life more easier and more convenient. What’s better is cars are more and more humanized and intelligent since driving becomes a lifestyle in modern world.

However, owning an old car like 2014 Peugeot 2008, sure some parts of it aren’t as good as new cars due to the technology it used when manufactured. For example, the factory radio of the 2014 Peugeot 2008 has fewer functions, it can’t also support Carplay which can be done in most new car stereo systems. Thankfully, for drivers who have an old car with old radio, there are plenty of quality aftermarket car radio systems can be chosen to upgrade their factory ones.

Two months ago, I got a superior car stereo navigation system from Seicane, and with the help of my friend, I installed it to my 2014 Peugeot 2008. I really love this product. You can check the replacement guide in this post.

Removal and installation of Seicane car radio for 2014 Peugeot 2008

Before the job, two important things should be know. Firstly, prepare tools like plastic pry tool and screwdriver. Secondly, keep your car in power-off state for safety.

The original car radio


Step 1 Use a plastic pry tool to open the screen panel and unplug it.


Step 2 Remove the two fixing screws of the original radio screen.


Step 3 Take out the radio screen and unplug the connectors.


Step 4 Remove the four screws that fixed the frame of the old radio and then take it out.


Step 5 Take out the original radio unit and unplug its connectors.


Step 6 Check the cables accessories of the new Seicane car audio navigation system.


Step 7 Correspondingly plug cables of new radio to the car.

Step 8 Fix the new radio well and turn on your car to test whether the new radio system functions or not.

Step 9 If everything works well, the installation is finished, otherwise, carefully check the wiring.


What Seicane car stereo system can do for us?

This Seicane car radio navigation system supports 4G network and Wifi, when connect it to the Internet, we can freely search for the latest albums of our favorite singers as well as different interesting videos. What’s more, with a high quality sound effect and large viewing angle on the display, it greatly improve our audiovisual experience.

Besides, the big size screen displays the navigation information clearly and completely. Whenever and wherever we go, we get to know road situations in advance to avoid traffic jam. And with these road information, we arrive our destinations quicly and safely.

Bluetooth and Carplay etc. are supported functions in this radio system. With Bluetooth hand-free calls, we won’t miss any call when driving and will drive safer on the road. With Carplay, when we are tired and bored during a long drive, just stop the car in a safe place, then connect our phones to the radio, we are able to play the phone applications in the large screen of this radio. So amazing!

If you are always have troubles to park and reverse a car, it’s highly recommended to add a rear view camera in the package. At time of reversing, the car radio will automatically switch to the rear image, thus you can check the back situation of the car, and reverse it easier.


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Replacement Tutorial for 2016-2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Seicane Android Car Audio With Carplay Bluetooth

Whether you are aware of it or not, we listen to music in the car on every journey. Especially when there is heavy traffic, we need to do something to relax, while the car audio is the best thing to help ignore the chaos around us, and allow us to concentrate more on what’s really going on. That’s the most important reason why we need a quality as well as multifunctional car audio, not a standard one with simple functions and has no special feature.

Undoubtedly, some cars only come with standard audio, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a high-quality audio, just upgrade it. Today you can find a wide range aftermarket car stereos and replacement tutorials. So in this post, if you are the 2016-2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee owner and want to upgrade the factory radio, you are right here.

Upgrade steps of 2016-2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee car audio

  • Audio powered by Seicane: Model H7613N
  • Tool kit: Plastic pry tool and screwdriver
  • Precautions: Ensure the car power is cut off.

Step 1, Pry up the panel frame with plastic pry tool, then pull it out.


Step 2, Remove four screws of the original radio unit.


Step 3, Pull out the radio unit and unplug the connectors.


Step 4, Check cable accessories of the new Seicane car audio with GPS.


Step 5, Remove the air outlets of the old panel frame, and install them on the new radio unit.


Step 6, Correspondingly connect the new audio system cables to the car plugs.


Step 7, Set well the new audio in the dashboard and test it.


Step 8, If everything works well, the installation is finished.


Feast your eyes on this wonderful Seicane Car Audio for 2016-2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Seicane car audio system includes lots of super features,

  • This aftermarket car stereo with the latest Android system can support 4G network, allowing you to get access to internet at the highest speed you’ve never had. The full touch screen also makes it stand out in the market with a large IPS screen to greatly simplify the operation.
  • Since it comes built-in RDS and DSP(36EQ), when you listen to music, watch videos/TV, and enjoy broadcast, you will have the ultra-high sound quality.
  • Besides, with 3D maps(maps in iNAND), the best way to your desired destination is just in your reach within seconds. All the navigation information is available, such as the current location, speed, mileage, landmark building display,3D street view, destination search and turn-by-turn voice directions, etc. You can also download the latest Google maps app.

There are also amazing options you can add to this head unit,

  • Car DVR: The DVR function is used for recording the whole process of traffic accidents, taking photos for front of vehicles and storing the video in real-time while driving.
  • Carplay Supported: It synchronizes your mobile phone with this Seicane car audio through WiFi or USB. This technology enables you to gain access to your smart phone’s applications on the unit to play music and videos etc.
  • 360° Camera: Adding the 360° camera, drivers are able to check front and rear, left and right view situation, make sure a safe drive on the road and help them reverse easily.
  • OBD II: With this OBDII Scanner, you can connect it to your car’s DLC port and open the radio’s Bluetooth for monitoring the car’s fuel consumption, water temperature, revolving speed, environment temperature, air flow, computer load, car speed etc in the OBD interface.

Now, it’s best time to get this fantastic stereo!


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Useful Tips for 2012-2015 Ford Focus Car Stereo GPS Navigation Upgrade

Certainly every car comes with factory radio and some of them are flawless that we can’t find fault with it. But if your car is on the older side, there’s room for radio improvement.

With the development of auto technology and auto electronic accessories, we are easily to get all the parts on the market to upgrade our car whenever we want. And no doubt that the top upgrade choice is replacing old-fashioned radio, which only has very single function.

When it comes to upgrade factory radio, I just finished the replacement of my 2012 Ford Focus radio with a multifunctional Seicane car radio GPS navigation system. All my families love this wonderful radio and it brings much fun to our drive. Here are some tips to help you replace new radio for your Ford Focus.


Preparations about the installation

1. Ensure that the entire removal/installation process is in a power-off state

2. Prepare the necessary tools in advance, including screwdriver, pry plate, etc.

3. Carefully save the disassembled accessories for subsequent use

Important steps to install 2012 Ford Focus car audio system from Seicane

The original car radio system

1 原车图

Step 1 Remove the screws that fixed the panel of the original car radio system


Step 2 Pull the panel out with proper force with both hands


Step 3 Remove the fixing screws of the original car radio system


Step 4 Pull out the original radio, and unplug the original wiring


Step 5 Remove the air outlet on the original radio panel and install it on the new Seicane car radio


Step 6 Correspondingly connect cables between original radio and new Seicane radio GPS navigation


Step 7 Fix the new radio and turn on the car to test it to check whether everything works well


Why you should choose Seicane car stereo for 2012-2015 Ford Focus?

  • Fast response big HD touch screen with dynamic graphical user interface, easy to operateand eye-friendly.
  • Support carplay, synchronizes your mobile phone with this unit. This technology enables you to gain access to your smart phone’s applications on the unit to play music and videos etc.
  • One touch to use car air conditioner, no need button, save time and portable.
  • Display 3D GPS Navigation, easily get to your desired destination just within seconds.
  • Support various FM/AM/RDS radio, enjoy wonderful music and broadcast, no boring on the road.
  • With Bluetooth, make calls convenient and keep safe drive.
  • Play video via USB/SD card, add more fun to in-car life.
  • Able to support DVR, rear view camera and OBD 2.
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A installation and removal experience sharing for 1996-2003 BMW X5 E53 GPS Navigation installation guide from Seicane

BMW is one of the most well-know car brands all over the world.Unfortunately it seems like the auto companies launch new car models every year. Little hard for ordinary people to follow it to upgrade their cars.Luckily we can easily update the car radio which is loaded with advanced GPS navigation system and a great multimedia player so that we also can get much convenience and enjoyments. Here I’d like to share a step-by-step 1996-2003 BMW X5 E53 GPS Navigation installation guide from Seicane if you gonna level-up your factory radio. If you don’t have any experience on the installation, you’d better ask a professional for help. Or incorrect installation guide may cause some unexpected damage to both your car and your new unit. Let’s get started.

Tips before the installation:

1.Please disconnect the power before the installation.

2.Please prepare a lever and a screwdriver before the removal and the installation.

3.Please keep all the separate parts from the car and take care of the dashboard to avoid scratching it during its detachment and installation.

4.For your convenience, link below is the recommended tools for removal and installation from Seicane, please check for details:

1996-2003 BMW X5 E53 car stereo installation guide

  1. Use a plastic trim tool to remove trim strip.

  1. Remove screws marked by red arrows.

  1. Take out original DVD player

  1. Unplug the connectors behind the unit.

  1. Connect the power cables as the picture shows.

  1. Remove screws in the spare tire in the trunk.

  1. Take out the spare tire.

  1. Remove four screws marked with red arrows.

  1. Remove screws in triangle crutch.

  1. Take out triangle crutch.

  1. Connect original plug of the car with power plug of DVD GPS.

  1. Check all the accessories for the new Seicane head unit.

  1. Connect the harnesses to the back of the new Seicane head unitrefer to instructions.

  1. Connect the Seicane head unit to your original car radio ‘s plugs.
  2. Turn on the new Seicane head unit to have a careful check if everything works well.
  3. Put the new Seicane head unit into the dash and install the four screws.
  4. Install the trim panel into its original place.

Absolutely you done it if you can smoothly install your new car radio without doubt by following this article for 1996-2003 BMW X5 E53 DVD Player. First of all, you need to confirm that your new unit can be suitable for your car in advance. If you don’t have one, I’d like to recommend an ideal 1996-2003 BMW X5 E53 head unit from Seicane to you. Here’s the link please click:

Above link related head unit for 1996-2003 WBMW X5 E53 car radio comes with the latest Android Radio, RAM 4GB \ ROM 64GB \ CPU 8-core \ Build-in Carplay \ 2.5D IPS Screen, Support RDS, SWC, XM radio APP etc. The car stereo is equipped with worldwide real-time navigation function of high accuracy. With current location, speed, mileage, landmark building display, 3D street view, destination search and turn-by-turn voice directions, it will be your perfect road companion. With dual zone function, the music from radio/AV/TV etc can be played behind the scene under GPS mode and it will switch to the GPS voice automatically.Have a safe driving all the time.

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