How to Quickly Upgrade the 2012-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X Factory Stereo?

It can be said that the Toyota Reiz Mark X (2012-2015) only comes a standard factory stereo with few function and no special features. When you are considering changing the stereo, take a look at this post, it tells an easy-to-do way to upgrade the Toyota Reiz Mark X factory stereo system.


Part 1, Know more about the aftermarket car stereo

With a large variety of aftermarket car stereo system types available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which car stereos can be the right one for your car. If you decide to buy an aftermarket car stereo to upgrade the original one, you’ll have a lot of things to consider like brands, sizes, prices, features, functions etc. Therefore, researching details and information in advance is a great idea.

We would like to recommend the Seicane H6162 car stereo here. This Android car stereo head unit comes following outstanding features,

  • It’s 9” in screen size and at resolution 1024*600, which can show information super clear, as well as provide you with perfect viewing experience in watching videos and movies.
  • The product keeps stable performance due to the high quality Quad-core 1.6GHz T3 K2001N processor and Android 10.0 system.
  • You are given various entertainment ways whenever you feel tired and bored on long drives, always keeping you refresh. For example, you can search your beloved radios, enjoy latest songs, play HD videos etc.
  • As a smart product, this car stereo is phone connected, you are able to connect your phone to it via USB and Bluetooth, having more fun.
  • For a driver who is easy to get lost, this car stereo is very necessary. Not only can it provide 3D navigation in real-time and accurate, but it also comes with dual zone function that the music from radio/AV/TV etc.can be played behind the scene under GPS mode and it will switch to the GPS voice automatically.
  • If you are not good at reversing and parking a car, just adding a rear view camera to it, with the clear rear images shown on the screen, you see clearly the back situation, then reverse and park the car easier.


All in all, with this Seicane multifunctional Android car stereo, you have comfortable and better drive.

Part 2, Install a new car stereo in 2012-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X

After getting a new stereo in the market and before replacing the Toyota Reiz Mark X factory stereo, you should check below tips,

  • Prepare tools including plastic pry tools, screwdrivers.
  • Cut off the car power to ensure safe work.

Step 1, Remove the trim panels on the two sides of the stereo


Step 2, Remove screws that fixed the car stereo


Step 3, Take down the stereo and disconnect the plugs


Step 4, Remove screws of the metal brackets that fixed the original main unit and the A/C button panel


Step 5, Separate the main unit and the A/C button panel


Step 6, Keep the A/C button panel and install it back to the dash


Step 7, Tighten the screws


Step 8, Connect Power Harness, RCA Cable and CAM Cable to the new stereo


Step 9, Correspondingly connect the new stereo cables to the car plugs


Step 10, Install the touchscreen stereo to the dash


Step 11, Install the trim panels back


Step 12, Power on the car to test the new car stereo GPS system to see whether it functions well


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