How to Install the 360°Camera to Vehicles with HD Touchscreen Car Radio?

Car radios are very important as it’s a symbol of our quality in-car life. Most newest cars come with latest radio system which are very humanized and intelligent. While for older cars who just own a standard radio with simple functions, sure there is room for improvement. As you can see, now we have many choices of decent aftermarket car radios to upgrade our factory one. With an upgraded Android touchscreen car radio, you will enjoy a better drive.


As a prestigious brand, Seicane not only provides quality car radios for various car models, it also offers professional installation tutorials for customers, you can find different car radio installation guide at Seicane. And here, it’s a guide of how to install the 360°camera to the car since many customer ask for. Let’s check out.

Information you should know in advance

Camera: Universal 360°Surround View Car Camera (Seicane SC120)

Car model: 2010 Buick Lacrosse

Radio type: 9.7” Touchscreen Android Head Unit for 2009-2012 Buick Lacrosse (Seicane H7726)

Tool kit: Plastic pry tools, screwdrivers with different size, electric drill, tape, current meter etc.

Safety tip: Make sure the car power is cut off before working.


Section 1, Install the right camera

1, Remove the inner board of the handle of the right door

2, Remove all the fixing screws of the right door panel

3, Take down the right door panel and unplug its internal wiring harness

4, Remove the plastic frame on the glass window

5, Remove the screws on the right side rearview mirror

6, Unplug the connector and take down the right rearview mirror

7, Arrange the extension cable of the right camera and pass it through the hole of the original car harness rubber plug

8, Install the right camera on the right rearview mirror

9, Then install the right rearview mirror

10, Test whether the right turn signal light is normal

11, Connect the right extension cable to the camera plug

12, Install the right door panel

13, For the installation of the left camera, please refer to the right camera

Section 2, Install the front camera

1, Use the tow rope to pass the front extension cable throught the right door to the interior of the car head

2, Installation position of the front camera

3, Extension cable wiring position

Section 3, Install the rear view camera

1, Remove the inner panel of the car trunk door

2, Installation position of the rear view camera

3, Wiring position of the rear view extension cable

Section 4, Connect 360° camera to the car radio navigation system

1, After installing the four cameras, connect their cables to the Seicane car radio system with the adapter cable

2, Connect the other wiring harnesses of the radio to the car

3, Then connect the radio

4, Adjust the four cameras to get suitable viewing angle

5, Set splicing to put four camera images into one screen

Check the video here to see every step clearly.

A quick look at Seicane car radio navigation system

  • Display 360° camera panoramic images in high-definition
  • Support DVR, recording driving information anytime, anywhere
  • Support OBDⅡ, monitoring vehicle fuel consumption, water temperature, vehicle speed, etc.
  • Built-in 36EQ DSP, providing a variety of high-quality sound effects
  • Support the original car A/C, one-key to set the air conditioning quickly
  • Play videos at 1080P resolution, greatly improving the visual experience
  • Support Carplay, easy to use the radio to dial, listen to music, navigate, etc.


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