How to Install A HD Touch Screen Head Unit in 2009-2017 Audi Q5?


Technology changes everything in our life, car audios are no exception. Nowadays, many cars come with an audio system toped off to include all the bells and whistles. This means you get a touch screen, navigation, streaming services, and other apps.

On the other hand, car radios or infotainment systems vary in different car models, but no matter what car you have, you can replace your current radio system with a sparkling new one. Here we are showing you how to install a touch screen head unit in 2009-2017 Audi Q5. Let’s find out.

  • Head Unit Recommendation: 12.3″ Android Car Radio with GPS (Seicane S04Q51N)
  • Basic Tools: Plastic pry tools, screwdrivers.
  • Safety Tip: Cut off the car power before doing anything.

Removing the factory stereo system

Step 1, Pry to open the trim panel of the screen, remove the panel, and unplug the connectors.


Step 2, Remove 4 screws that fixed the screen, take out the screen, and unplug its connectors.


Step 3, Pry to open the A/C outlet, take down the outlet, and disconnect the plugs.


Step 4, Pry to remove the A/C button panel, take it down and unplug the connectors.


Step 5, Remove 4 screws that fixed the old main unit, put it out and disconnect its plugs.


Fitting the new head unit

Step 6, Before installing the Seicane touchscreen Anroid radio unit, take a check at the wiring harness and other accessories in the package, ensuring every part is in good condition.


Step 7, Correspondingly connect the new wiring harness to the car plugs.


Step 8, Connect the original main unit and install it back to the dashboard.


Step 9, Install the screen bracket, then connect the new screen to the car, and tighten the screws to fix it.


Step 10, Power on the car to test the new radio system. If it functions normally, install all car parts back; if there is problem, check the wiring conditions.


As you can see, in this installation guide, we didn’t need to replace the main unit in the dashboard, we only replaced the old small screen to a large one, so it’s super easy to do.

This new touch screen unit is 12.3-inch in display size, which clearly we will have a perfect viewing experience when watch videos, use navigation etc. compared to the old one.

Since we didn’t change the original main unit of the radio system, the new screen can still support original car functions such as door information, speed display, seat belt reminder, temperature and so on. It also supports steering wheel control, easy to switch songs, radios channels, volume.

As an advanced touch screen radio system, the product is able to support Apple Carplay and Android Auto, so you can sync your phones to the radio, then to use various applications freely on the large display. This is easy to do, just connect your phone to the radio with the Carplay USB dongle. If you want a wireless connection, use a Wireless Carplay Adapter, in this way, you can receive independent operation without interfering with the phone and radio.


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