Guide of How to Install Aftermarket Stereo System for 2013-2016 BMW 3 Series

Cars are come with different stereo systems, the newer your car, the more possibilities it applied the latest stereo technology. Since we drive the car more often, having a quality stereo system is necessary, there will be more fun on the road, as well as helps increase driving safety.


If your car only equipped with basic car stereo, the best way to upgrade it is to install an aftermarket stereo system. Some of basic car stereos is easy to replace, such as the (2013-2016) BMW 3 Series radio. If you own such a car, then you will get tips in this post.

Preparations you need to do:

  • Choose a suitable aftermarket car stereo system for your car, some popular brands include Kenwood, Sony, JVC, Seicane, Pioneer, Alpine etc. And here we used the Seicane stereo in our car.
  • Plastic pry tools and screwdrivers are basic tools needed for the removal and installation work.
  • As we will involve in the power plugs during the process, cut off the car power at the beginning to ensure safety.

Original car radio system


Step 1, Remove the air conditioning vent: Use the plastic pry tool to pry the A/C vent, then take it down and unplug the connector.



Step 2, Remove these two screws that fixed the original radio screen, take down the screen and unplug the connector.


Step 3, Remove screws that fixed the CD button panel, take down the panel and unplug the connector.



Step 4, Remove screws that fixed the original CD unit, take down the unit and unplug the connectors.


Step 5, Check the wiring harness and other accessories of the Seicane car stereo system.

Step 6, Connect the new stereo screen and original CD unit to the car with the new wiring harness. You’d better take a look at the user manual of the new stereo if you are not sure the cable interfaces.


Step 7, Power on your car to test whether the new radio functions normally. If there is no problem, install all the accessories including CD button panel and A/C vent back. If it doesn’t work, please check whether cables are connected correctly.


It took us half of the day to finish the replacement, but it’s not complicated. In fact, the Seicane car stereo system for BMW 3 Series is easy to install and use.

The product comes with various excellent designs. On one hand, it’s made of a 10.25″ touchscreen so that we see information clearer and more convenient. Everything can be done just with some simple  clicks. On the other hand, it only exchanges your original car TFT monitor, thus all the original car functions are kept as before, you won’t have any trouble to adapt to the operation.

Apart from enjoying basic entertainment, you can stream Bluetooth music, make Bluetooth call, browse websites, connect Carplay etc. For those who can’t park car easily, adding a rear view camera will solve. With the camera installed, every time when you park and reverse, the stereo display automatically switch to rear image, then you can see the rear situation and park quickly.


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