DIY Guide for 2008-2012 Renault Duster Nissan NP200 Radio System Replacement

Cars vary in brand, model, and year, so upgrade of a new radio navigation system can be different. Some is easy, while some is tricky. To make sure smooth work, most car owners choose to upgrade the radio in car shops because they are not professional in auto repair and electronics. Yet for those who love DIY and know the car, like to do the replacement job themselves.

My uncle is a car repair worker, he loves everything about car repair, maintenance, upgrade etc. Last month, with my uncle’s help, I successfully upgraded my 2009 Renault Duster radio for a new one from Seicane. For the same car owner, you may get some help in this post. And this Seicane radio system fits 2008-2012 Renault Duster Nissan NP200.

Part 1 Steps to remove old radio and install new Seicane car radio navigation system

Whatever you do, preparation in advance is must. Choose a good day and prepare tools like screwdriver, pry tools etc. Must turn off the car before the job. Then you can move further.

The original radio system


Step 1, Use screwdrivers or pry tools to open this external panel, then gently pull it out with hands, and unplug its connectors.

s1-1 s1-2 s1-3

Step 2, Remove the buttons and other accessories of the panel.


Step 3, Remove the frame accessories of the original car radio.

s3-1 s3-2

Step 4, Take out the original radio unit, and unplug its connectors.

s4-1 s4-2

Step 5, Pull out the radio fixing frame.


Now the removal of the old radio is finished. Next you can install the new radio.

Step 6, Check the accessories of the new Seicane car radio system to make sure smooth work.


Step 7, Correspondingly connect the cables of the new car radio navigation system to the car.


Step 8, After connecting the cables, you can turn on the car to test whether the new radio system is working normally.


Step 9, If there is no problem, install the buttons and other accessories of the old panel to the new car radio. If not, check again the cable wiring.


Step 10, Fix the new car radio system in the central control to complete the installation process.


After finishing the installation


Part 2 Benefits of upgrade the factory radio for a new one

When it comes to car radio upgrade, people have different reasons. Some for more entertainment, some for better sound effect, some for big screen to see navigation, etc. For me, actually, above are what I want.

The Seicane android car radio navigation system clearly show information, especially navigation information, on its 10.1 inch HD big screen, and I just search what I want with smooth touch click.

For the entertainment styles it provide, there are lots of choices. You can listen to music, watch videos, listen to various FM/AM radios. Since it supports WIFI and 4G network, you can connect the radio system to the Internet, then you can enjoy newest music, more videos and visit the website freely. What’s more, it also support Carplay, this give you the ability to play phone applications on the radio display once you connect your phone to it.

I am not the kind who can park the car easily even just look at the rearview mirrors. In fact, I always have troubles in parking and reversing. Thus, the time I installed the new radio system, I purchased the rear view camera and installed it. Now I can park my car easier with seeing the rear image on the radio screen.



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