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How to Install A HD Touch Screen Head Unit in 2009-2017 Audi Q5?

Technology changes everything in our life, car audios are no exception. Nowadays, many cars come with an audio system toped off to include all the bells and whistles. This means you get a touch screen, navigation, streaming services, and other … Continue reading

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A Super Easy Way to Upgrade 2001-2008 BMW 7 Series E65 E66 Factory Radio

It’s true that a large touchscreen radio system adds value to our cars as well as improves our in-car life. The navigation function takes us to everywhere in a fast and safe way. When we are bored in a long drive, we … Continue reading

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Guide of How to Install Aftermarket Stereo System for 2013-2016 BMW 3 Series

Cars are come with different stereo systems, the newer your car, the more possibilities it applied the latest stereo technology. Since we drive the car more often, having a quality stereo system is necessary, there will be more fun on … Continue reading

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How to Upgrade Subaru WRX (2014-2016) Radio with A Touchscreen Bluetooth Car Stereo System?

If you are planning to install an upgraded car stereo system for your Subaru WRX by yourself, you come to the right place. We are here to provide you with detailed removal and installation guide, as well as recommend an amazing … Continue reading

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How to Install Seicane Car Radio System in Toyota Camry with 13-Step?

Big touchscreen car radio systems are seen in more and more vehicles. They are easy to operate and come with plenty of functions that greatly improve driving experience. For older cars, they may not be equipped with an excellent factory radio … Continue reading

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DIY Guide for 2008-2012 Renault Duster Nissan NP200 Radio System Replacement

Cars vary in brand, model, and year, so upgrade of a new radio navigation system can be different. Some is easy, while some is tricky. To make sure smooth work, most car owners choose to upgrade the radio in car shops … Continue reading

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A Superior Aftermarket Car Stereo Navigation System to Upgrade 2014 Peugeot 2008 Factory Radio

Having a car makes our life more easier and more convenient. What’s better is cars are more and more humanized and intelligent since driving becomes a lifestyle in modern world. However, owning an old car like 2014 Peugeot 2008, sure … Continue reading

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Replacement Tutorial for 2016-2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Seicane Android Car Audio With Carplay Bluetooth

Whether you are aware of it or not, we listen to music in the car on every journey. Especially when there is heavy traffic, we need to do something to relax, while the car audio is the best thing to … Continue reading

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Useful Tips for 2012-2015 Ford Focus Car Stereo GPS Navigation Upgrade

Certainly every car comes with factory radio and some of them are flawless that we can’t find fault with it. But if your car is on the older side, there’s room for radio improvement. With the development of auto technology … Continue reading

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A installation and removal experience sharing for 1996-2003 BMW X5 E53 GPS Navigation installation guide from Seicane

BMW is one of the most well-know car brands all over the world.Unfortunately it seems like the auto companies launch new car models every year. Little hard for ordinary people to follow it to upgrade their cars.Luckily we can easily … Continue reading

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